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Emergency Dentistry

When you have excruciating pain associated with an infected tooth, you want relief right away. The same can be said of any dental emergency that may arise. Many people rush to the hospital emergency room hoping to find the care they require.

Unfortunately, there are few hospitals equipped with staff or equipment to adequately address dental emergencies. Routinely, patients are given a prescription for pain medication and told to see their dentist as soon as possible. Getting an appointment to see a dentist for dental treatment immediately is not always an easy matter.

At Parklane Family Dentistry, however, we provide emergency dental care for our patients. When you have an infected tooth or an accident leaves your tooth loose or knocked out, call us. We will schedule you for an emergency appointment right away.

Urgent Dental Care

When your child is experiencing the pain of a toothache and you have no idea what you should do, give us a call. We understand the necessity of urgent dental care. You expect to be able to take your child to the clinic when an earache is causing him or her distress. You should also be able to do the same thing when your child has a dental concern.

With Parklane Family Dentistry, urgent care for those unexpected dental issues is just a phone call away. We do not want any of our patients to suffer one minute longer than necessary. We have the equipment and the expertise to treat your dental emergency right away with care and compassion. We will put you back on the road to oral health quickly. Contact us for all your emergency dental needs.

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