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Sedation Dentistry

Parklane Family Dentistry provides patients with a comfortable, welcoming environment in which they can feel relaxed and serene. We take pride in offering our patients dental care that is both highly skilled and compassionate. Our patient-centered care focuses on your comfort and best oral health.

Some patients have great anxiety when faced with the idea of going to see the dentist for dental treatments. Past negative experiences, fear of small spaces or a host of other factors can cause these anxious feelings to increase. Yet, your oral health is very important. Letting an infected tooth get worse due to fear of the dental chair is not necessary. At Parklane Family Dentistry, we have sedation to help you feel calm and relaxed while in the dental chair, so you do not need to miss the dental care you need.

Nitrous Oxide

One of the most reliable methods of sedation has been used for over a century in the dental office. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, has a long history of relaxing patients while dental procedures are being carried out. This method of sedation is safe, fast-acting and it does not have any lingering effects.

A combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide is administered and monitored by one of our dental team members. During the procedure, you will feel relaxed and calm. This method of sedation does not put you into an unconscious state, though some people may fall asleep during its administration. Most people have a very pleasant, relaxed feeling, free from any anxious thoughts.

When the procedure is completed, your system is flushed with oxygen, and you return to full consciousness and feel like yourself again. There are seldom any side effects with nitrous oxide. It is often used to help kids relax. It is also used with those who have challenges getting comfortable in the dental chair.

If you suffer from anxiety when thinking about going to the dentist, we encourage you to visit us at Parklane Family Dentistry. We will do everything we can to ensure that you have a productive and pleasant visit. Contact our office today to make your appointment with us.

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