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Frisco Dental Bridges

Having “windows” in your smile can affect your confidence and cause you to be overly self-conscious. Knowing that you have a tooth or teeth missing within your smile line can cause you to stop smiling because of embarrassment. A dental bridge is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that can close the window, restore your smile and give you back a sense of self-assurance.

A more pressing reason to close that gap is your oral health. Missing teeth leave room for a variety of problems to develop. The space caused by the missing tooth or teeth allows the neighboring teeth to drift. This process can throw the teeth out of alignment. The opposing tooth may drift downward or upward, depending on whether the space is on the lower or upper jaw. Shifting teeth can create spaces that are difficult to clean and therefore more vulnerable to plaque buildup and gingivitis.

Precious chewing or biting area is also lost with every missing tooth. This means your food may not be broken down as well as it should be for easy digestion. This in turn, can have an accumulating effect on your overall health.

Advantages of Dental Bridges

The most obvious advantage of getting a bridge is purely aesthetic. Closing the gap between your teeth will restore the beauty of your smile. The other advantages are more practical. The bridge will keep teeth from drifting out of alignment. It will also restore the missing surface of teeth and aid you in better mastication of your food, leading to better absorption of nutrients.

In the case where missing teeth have caused changes in your speech pattern, a bridge will improve your speech once again. Lisps and whistles due to the space will be eliminated. You will regain your ability to speak with confidence instead of feeling embarrassed.

If you have gaps due to missing teeth, contact Parklane Family Dentistry, and make an appointment for a consultation. Dr. Vashisht will be happy to speak with you about your options for closing the gap and restoring your smile. Why not contact us today?

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