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Frisco Dental Implants

Partial dentures and dental bridges are not the only restorative dentistry option available for replacing missing teeth. At Parklane Family Dentistry, we also offer dental implants. When you have one missing tooth, a dental implant makes a very sensible solution for replacement.

Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth. They have grown in popularity due to the benefits they provide. While bridgework and partial dentures offer suitable replacement value, there are often small tell-tale signs that you are wearing them. A dental implant, by contrast, is not as readily noticeable as a replacement tooth. The dental implant stands alone and looks and functions in the same way as the natural tooth it replaces.

Certain conditions must be met in order to complete a successful implant. Those considering implants should be non-smokers and have good oral hygiene. These conditions support a healthy oral environment for the implant procedure.

The process for placing an implant calls for a minor surgical procedure to place a screw-like post at the implant site. This post is allowed to meld with the bone. Once the post is sufficiently grafted into the jawbone, the area is prepared for the seating of a crown. When the prepped area is ready, a crown is placed on the post and the implant is complete. Your replacement tooth has the appearance and feel of a natural tooth.

Excellence in Implant Dentistry

Placement of the implant requires precise measurement. Dr. Vashisht has the training and expertise to perform successful dental implants. As a dental procedure, implants have a very high success rate, making the process very desirable over bridgework for replacing a missing tooth.

If you are seeking avenues for replacing a missing tooth, we suggest you contact Parklane Family Dentistry today. Come in and consult with Dr. Vashisht to find out if a dental implant is the right solution for replacement.

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