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Dental Phobia

It takes special skill and dedication to learn how to calm people who experience dental phobia. The team of dental professionals at Parklane Family Dentistry have what it takes to accomplish this feat. Our expertise working with special needs patients makes us uniquely qualified to provide compassionate patient-centered care to those who otherwise may neglect their oral health.

There are many reasons why a person may develop unusually strong feelings of anxiety when it comes to dental care services. Previous trauma, a bad childhood experience, cognitive challenges or other causes may have an impact on how a person reacts to a dentist or dental office.

We take all these things into consideration. We work with our more excitable patients with gentle care and great patience. Sedation is also made available to help the overly anxious person relax. Talking out fears about the dentist and helping the patient calm their fears are also part of the process.

Patients with Disabilities

Working with patients with disabilities also takes special care and compassion. Such patients may not always be able to voice their concerns. We use all our resources to provide our special needs patients with the care and understanding required to ensure they have a positive dental experience.

Parklane Family Dentistry is a place that is committed to serving patients from all walks of life and all levels of ability. We are dedicated to helping people acquire and maintain a high standard of oral health. Fear or ability should never be an obstacle to obtaining the oral health care required to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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