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Tooth Extractions

We stress preventive oral health care at Parklane Family Dentistry. Dr. Vashisht and her team want you to have strong, healthy teeth, and they work to help you keep them that way with general dentistry. However, it is not always possible to save a tooth from extraction.

Severe decay, which damages most of the tooth and extends below the gum line may be a cause for extraction. Periodontal disease is also another reason why a tooth may need to be pulled. When the gums have receded significantly and infection has caused bone loss, there may not be enough bone to support the tooth.

Fortunately, dental techniques and instruments have been improved over the years.  So, you do not need to worry about tooth extraction being a painful procedure. We do everything to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. We explain the procedure to you as well as why we are pulling the tooth rather than saving it. For patients who are very apprehensive about the procedure, we offer sedation to help them relax.

Damaged Tooth Removal

Significant damage to a tooth can make removal a little more complicated. Under normal circumstances, when a tooth needs extraction, the procedure is routine. Anterior teeth only have one root, so pulling them is rather straightforward. Back teeth have anywhere from two roots on the bicuspids to three or sometimes four on the molars. These teeth can take more time to extract.

When a tooth is broken off below the gum line, extraction can be more difficult. X-rays will help show how extensive the damage is and guide Dr. Vashisht in removal of the remainder of the tooth.

When you need to have a tooth removed, you want to have it done by a caring, compassionate staff who will understand your possible apprehensions. This is how we work with patients at Parklane Family Dentistry. Contact us for extractions and all your dental needs.

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